Project objectives

The main objectives of the integrated project are:

1. Improvement of air quality in the municipalities of Sofia, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Montana, Russe and Stara Zagora

2. Building and improving the capacity of the administration of the six municipalities so that it is capable of:

  • implementing the measures, included in the AQPs
  • carrying out overall monitoring and control, ensuring the air quality
  • utilising different sources of financing, including the EU funds, for implementation of air quality measures
  • elaborating AQP for the next programming period on the basis of information, which is sufficient in terms of quantity and quality

3. Raising the awareness and creating a well-informed community of citizens and NGOs, which is to be a partner, an opponent and corrective of the administration regarding air quality

4. Increasing the capacity of all municipalities in Bulgaria with poor air quality in the matters relating to air quality management

5. Improving the transfer of know-how and experience in the field of air quality through networking with other EU municipalities, responsible institutions, similar projects, etc.